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Take the emotion out of trading and start making profitable trades today with our innovative, sophisticated trading bots.

Jump into the latest tech and latest trading techniques. At C3C we have simplified for beginners and professional traders alike.

 With hundreds of coins available to trade we make it possible to trade as many as you’d like at the same time, increasing your profitability.

The future of trading is in Ai, why not be one of the first to utilise all Ai has to offer in trading, whether that be with our fully automated XRPBOT or one of our more professional bots in the UltraBot or HydroBot.

C3C Trading Bots offer you the opportunity to become a successful cryptocurrency trader without having to stare at charts all day.

“Touch grass again” – Elon Musk 2023.

How C3C Bots Work


Purchase one of our packages below and join our friendly Discord community to see instructions and YouTube setup video’s.


Set up a WickHunter account and link it to your chosen trading account (we recommend Bybit). 


Open TradingView, go to invite only scripts and search for our bot indicator.


Modify the indicator to your desired settings and set up an alert via a web-hook to your Automated API Bot Platform (we recommend WickHunter)


Set up your bot on WickHunter using our template settings or choose your own desired settings. 


This Bot is perfect for XRP fanatics.

With this bot there is no need for a TradingView account making it very easy to set up for new beginners with little to no trading knowledge.

It uses a sophisticated set of indicators that have been backtested and optimised for the best results and is constantly optimised on a monthly basis tailoring it to the market conditions.

Simply connect an exchange such as ByBit to your API Bot Platform such as WickHunter or 3Commas, send us your unique bot ID and watch the profits.

10 – 30% Profit per month (profits paid in USDT)

This high frequency scalping bot uses a sophisticated and well tested strategy with multiple indicators and integrated filters to recognise reversals in the market on lower time frames (15s, 30s, 1m, 3m, & 5m charts).

Below are some of the features that the C3C Ultra Scalper Bot  includes;

Four PSAR Indicators at multiple timeframes for trend direction.

RSI maximum & minimum buy and sell value filters.

Divergence filter to identify tops and bottoms and minimise false signals.

Trend direction strength filter to minimise false signals in a choppy market.



0.5 – 2% PROFIT PER DAY (depending on market conditions)

The HydroBot is the ultimate trading tool box for professional traders that want complete automation. It includes 4 different types of signal conditions and uses all of the most popular indicators for you to customise, backtest and build your own bot using specific data. Below are some of the features that the C3C HydroBot includes;

Four customisable types of signal entries.
More than 20 filters using the most popular indicators including SuperTrend, HalfTrend, RSI, MFI, Stochastic, MACD, PSAR, Moving Averages, Volume, Squeeze Momentum.
Automatic trend lines with support and resistance.
Full built in WickHunter automation.

10 – 30%+ PROFIT PER MONTH (depending on market conditions and your own customised settings).

Core3 Capital?

Core3 Capital develop advanced trading indicators for simplifying and automating your trading experience. Our signals provide fast entry to profitable deals which can quickly compound over time. 

Our bots trade 24/7, which allows you to never miss another trade again. Our bot indicators and strategies are great for new and experienced traders alike.

In order to use our bot indicators you need accounts with TradingView,  an Automated API bot platform such as WickHunter and an exchange to execute your trades. 


To take advantage of our free signals head over to our discord using the FREE DISCORD button below. Over on our FREE discord signals we have – Day Trading Signals, Swing Trade Signals and Bitcoin Scalping Signals.

Our Indicator Packages

> Complete Setup Guide ( No TradingView Required)

> Setup And Forget, Once The Bots Simple Settings Are Applied It Will Run Itself With No User Input Required.

> Choose Between Two Strategies (Reversals or DCA).

> Live Help & Support. Automatic Signal Updates (Via Our Ticketed Discord, Bot is Optimised Monthly).



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> C3C Ultra ScalperBot Indicator (Full Setup Guide and Template Settings TradingView Required)

>New And Latest Bot Indicator Updates (Any Updates Will Be Pushed Throught)

> Live Help & Support (Via Our Ticketed Discord)

> Access To The VIP UltraBot Chat (Join Other UltraBot Traders And Discuss Techniques To Better Profits)




> Priority Access to New Bot Updates ( Be The First To Gain Access To New Indicators Within This Traders Toolbox) 

> C3C Hydrobot Indicator (TradingView Required)

> Live help & support (Via Our Ticketed Discord)

C3C Wickhunter Ai Backtester (TradingView Required) Works With All C3C Indicators)

>C3C Backtester (Use Historical Data To See How Your Strategy Would Have Performed)




Also Available On IOS And Android

Sync your data between your desktop and mobile app and keep track of your crypto assets no matter where you are.

Also Available On IOS And Android

Sync your data between your desktop and mobile app and keep track of your crypto assets no matter where you are.